Brochure | May 25, 2021

CDM: Continuous Dispersion Mixer

STM CDM Brochure Cover Image (002)

A better way to mix powders directly into liquid

The introduction of powders into a fluid process is one of the most challenging mixing duties you will come across. Incorporating powders directly into a liquid stream, can speed up your process, improve your product quality, while at the same time improve operator safety.

In a traditional batch mixing process using inline mixers, dry ingredients are manually fed into a hopper to mix with the liquid stream which is circulating to and from the batch mix tank. The powder induction rate is highly dependent on four key factors: powder flow characteristics, the liquid flow-rate, product viscosity, and inlet/outlet piping design. Continuous operation with traditional in-line mixers is especially problematic; common problems include plugging where the powder meets the liquid stream and high air entrainment rates.

The Scott Turbon Mixer CDM (Continuous Dispersion Mixer) makes powder incorporation and dispersion dramatically more efficient by adding solids at a controlled rate from a feeder mechanism. Dry ingredients merge with a controlled liquid feed stream in a powder/liquid interface device. Metering the powder and liquid feed streams allows for precise control of discharge concentrations. The interface itself is uniquely designed to prevent plugging, splashing, and high air entrainment associated with conventional inline mixers.

The inline high shear CDM mixer ensures lump-free dispersions, a uniform mix and maximum ingredient yield. The end-product is discharged in a finished state, with virtually no waste.

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