Battery Powered Dura Mag™ Flow Meter

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

The Dura Mag is an ideal solution for nearly any water manager. With a five-year battery life (and three-year battery warranty), the Dura Mag eliminates the need for AC power connection, and provides the easiest installation available on the market for a flanged mag flow meter. In addition, the Dura Mag comes equipped with an internal datalogger with five years of data storage to ensure you always have access to your historical data. The Dura Mag also has several telemetry-ready output options, and the converter settings are USB port accessible which eliminates accidental setting changes.


  • Irrigation
  • Downstream
  • Well monitoring
  • Water distribution
  • Sandy water
  • Dairy lagoons
  • Golf course and park management
  • Surface water
  • Chemigation
  • Center pivot systems