Automation Concepts in Pharmaceutical Production

Source: Festo Corporation

Festo provides special services to ensure reliable automation in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Many drug manufacturers and their suppliers are already satisfied customers who value this expertise.

Services  all along your value creation chain to raise your productivity:

  • Energy Saving Service: Targeted maintenance and optimised pneumatic systems enable you to save up to 35% on energy costs.
  • Compressed air quality analysis: All the data about your compressed air network to bring maximum process reliability and service life
  • Compressed air consumption analysis: How much compressed air does your plant really need? All the figures are analysed and documented to provide a tailored solution - efficiency from Festo.

Special services for biotechnology/pharmaceuticals: Control cabinet range Our stainless steel control cabinets meet the GMP and FDA requirements. This makes them ideally suited for controlling and monitoring field devices in hygiene zones. The comprehensive accompanying documentation and the service package are precisely tailored to production under GMP conditions.

Areas Festo technology and know-how are used:

  • Laboratory Automation: Festo supplies ready-to-install handling and positioning systems for automated analysis processes. From harmonised standard components to a complete handling system. Electric or pneumatic motion - Festo has the right drive for any task.
  • Pharmaceutical Production: Festo supplies assemblies and systems for modular and scalable plants. Drug production is divided into two main production steps:
    • Active ingredient production - either precision chemistry with relatively low hygiene requirements or biotechnology with high hygiene requirements.
    • Production of the actual form - normally with high hygiene requirements.
  • Filling and Packaging: There are different levels of hygienic requirements for filling and packaging depending on the drug and the form of dispensing. Nevertheless, they almost always require:
    • high throughput
    • corrosion resistant materials
    • hygienic design

Our partners

Festo - Partner for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

  • Integrated producers: Their trademark is the production of active ingredients combined with further processing to produce the final drug. Production is often spread     across various locations.
  • Pure active ingredient producers who are not involved in secondary production.
  • Producers of medicines based on bought-in active ingredients.
  • Contract manufacturers offer their production capacity to ease the burden on other manufacturers or to relieve their production bottlenecks.