News | April 16, 2019

Aptean Releases Factory MES 9.2 Software

Source: Aptean
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Aptean released Aptean Factory MES 9.2 which introduces new collaboration features and more intuitive reporting functionality. These product enhancements will improve communication and productivity, speeding up issue resolution within the plant. Factory’s new in-depth Collaboration engine enhances the way teams communicate and collaborate in real time at all levels of the organization: the new Collaboration Dashboard streamlines the way plant personnel communicate and interact to resolve issues they experience in the plant. It consolidates the many disparate sources of information such as text messages, emails, scribbled notes, project lists, whiteboards and more – to help ensure that all valuable interactions are captured, tracked and consumed in real time across any role and any device. The Collaboration engine allows users to quickly create messages, tasks and notes to involve other team members.

The simplicity of the design ensures that users can seamlessly create a message and then send that message to users, departments, lines and other roles within the plant. Enhanced workflows have also been introduced that allows users to quickly create a task or note upon creation of a message. A key part of the Collaboration functionality is to offer reporting on all messages, tasks, and notes. This ensures that the knowledge captured from the teams is being consumed during meetings and line-side reviews. This becomes highly relevant when recurring issues happen – and quickly gives teams access to the right information. The new reporting layer for Factory MES brings together all the information from the Production and Quality areas of the business to ensure users can create reports, scorecards and metrics to suit their needs: Users can leverage pre-defined reports, and can develop their own, all using a packaged, robust Microsoft Power BI interface. Factory’s Data Warehouse may also be used with virtually any business intelligence viewer platform, so users have the option to use the BI viewer of their choice. Further optimizations in ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes mean that the BI reporting suite can now be deployed across single-site and multi-site facilities efficiently.

SOURCE: Aptean