Analytical & Laboratory Systems

Source: Anton Paar USA
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Anton Paar has a deep understanding of analytical method results in precise instruments with excellent performance and reproducibility. Openness towards customer requirements and attention to new market trends are the source of new ideas which meet the needs of customers.

Modular System For Nanostructure Analysis: SAXSpace
SAXSpace is a new nanostructure analyzer based on small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SWAXS). Nano-sized particles and sample domains scatter X-rays towards small angles; the resulting scattering pattern provides information on the overall size and shape of the nanostructures. SAXSpace provides easy handling and push-button alignment combined with versatile and precise sample stages.

Modular Tool For Nanostructure Analysis: SAXSess mc²
The SAXSess mc² is a new system for nanostructure analysis. Its modular architecture allows you to select the optimal setup for your needs. The SAXSess mc² is the complete solution for the characterization of nanostructures in a wide range of materials including proteins, nutrients, active pharmaceuticals, polymers, nanoparticles and catalysts.

Automatic Sample Changer: ASC
Whenever a large number of samples need to be measured or great emphasis is placed on the reproducibility of results, the Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) is the perfect choice.

High-Throughput Rheometer: HTR
Anton Paar’s High Throughput Rheometer sounds like the future – because it is. And it is here to stay: Designed to withstand the demands of continuous operation, it will still be in perfect condition long after your investment has paid off.