News | June 3, 2021

AMETEK's Controls Southeast Inc. And Comprimo Join Forces To Introduce Alternative Sulphur Degassing Technology

Comprimo, Worley’s Sulphur Technology business, is now an authorized licensor for Controls Southeast Inc. (CSI), an AMETEK Company, for a new and patented sulphur degassing technology called ICOn. To date, there is one ICOn unit in operation and two scheduled to start in 2021.

All sulphur recovery units produce liquid sulphur, which has a considerable amount of H2S and polysulphides dissolved in it. Before handling or transporting the liquid sulphur, these elements must be removed to prevent toxic releases or explosive conditions when using degassing technologies. By adding ICOn to the portfolio, Comprimo can now offer the Shell degassing (shared license with Shell) or the ICOn technology via CSI.

“For years, our customers have relied on CSI to help solve their toughest challenges. With our customers’ continued focus on sustainability and safety, there was a need for a better way to reduce emissions and make it safer to transport and handle sulphur. Licensing our ICOn sulphur degassing technology to Comprimo’s Worley Sulphur Technology business provides our customers with a best-in-class solution that helps address these challenges,” says Thomas Willingham, Division Vice President and CSI Business Leader.

ICOn is a technology where the principle is to degas the liquid sulphur in a small vessel over a fixed bed catalyst that promotes the release of the dissolved H2S in the sulphur formed. ICOn uses less plot space while conveniently allowing the choice of multiple design configurations when considering the various inputs/outputs of sparging gases and liquid sulphur. This flexibility in design makes it very suitable for revamp situations. While the Shell degassing is better suited for newbuild facilities, the selection preference might change depending on the size and individual situation. With these two technologies available to customers, Comprimo will continue to deliver what is best for them in any situation.

“At the end of the day, it’s about helping our customers be good neighbors by contributing to a more sustainable world. Applying degassing technologies lowers emissions and helps ensure the sulphur handling and transportation are safer. We are pleased that ICOn technology from CSI, combined with our Shell degassing license, offers our customers options when it comes to degassing,” says Frank Scheel, Senior Vice President of Comprimo.

Source: AMETEK.Inc.