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Accurate And Reliable Online Phosphoric Acid Process Measurement

Source: Anton Paar USA
Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is a non-toxic, inorganic, weak acid, which is highly soluble in water and is commonly used as an aqueous solution of 85 % phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid may be used as a rust converter, by direct application to rusted iron, steel tools, or surfaces. Food grade phosphoric acid is used to acidify foods and beverages such as various colas. Phosphoric acid is also used as an electrolyte in copper electro-polishing, circuit board planarization, in cleaners, fertilizers, and many more applications.

The mineral “apatite” Ca5(PO4)3 is commonly used in industrial production of phosphoric acid. The production process is summarized to the right.  Anton Paar offers highly accurate and reliable concentration measurements of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid in this process at the numbered locations using density (1) or sound velocity (2) technology.  The two technologies provide flexibility to offer the optimal solution for each specific application.

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