News | November 29, 2010

ABB Reference Guide For Selecting And Applying Electromagnetic Flowmeters


A 74-page reference guide from ABB serves as a primer for selecting and applying electromagnetic flowmeters (magmeters). The guide first introduces magmeters, summarizing such topics as principles of operation, construction, magnetic fields, maintenance, transmitters, installation, and calibration. Eight additional sections elaborate on these topics. The second section, for example, discusses and tabulates liquid conductivities. Additional sections cover such topics as pressure loss considerations, piping configurations, and electrode coating solutions. One section covers the pros and cons of AC versus DC magnetic field excitation in question and answer format.

Illustrations in the guide help clarify the text. The guide also contains nomograms, formulas, detailed tables, and references. One table of more than 20 pages simplifies selection of electrode and liner materials for specific chemicals.

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SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics

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