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  • Sanitary Powder Feeder is Designed for Sanitary Processes Video

    The Schenck AccuRate PureFeed® AP-300 feeder was designed specifically for sanitary processes that include the following customer driven features: quick and easy disassembly, a dual arm agitation system for maximizing material handling versatility, and an FDA compliant EPDM feed hopper that is disposable and recyclable.   That means simpler, shorter cleaning cycles and virtually, no chance of cross contamination when moving from one material to another.  The PureFeed® AP-300 is available in volumetric and gravimetric configurations with feed rates from 0.5 to approximately 150 Kg / hour.  

  • Video: 'QC' Quick Change Feeder
    Video: 'QC' Quick Change Feeder

    Specially designed for applications requiring the maximum possible material handling and changeover flexibility along with the convenience of fast cleaning capability, K-Tron’s T35/S60 Quick Change Feeder is available in economical volumetric or high-performance loss-in-weight configurations.

  • Video: DrumQuik® PRO Dip-Tube And Connector System
    Video: DrumQuik® PRO Dip-Tube And Connector System DrumQuik® PRO is an easy-to-use dip-tube based connector system that can be used with common pumps to safely extract liquids from rigid containers (jerrycans, drums, and IBCs). The closed-system design virtually eliminates chemical and fume exposure to personnel and the environment while protecting the integrity of the chemical or food grade liquid being pumped.
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Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator Roller Compactor Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator Roller Compactor

One (1) used Fitzpatrkc Chilsonator, model DM, series L83, stainless steel product contact surfaces with 1.5" wide x 8" diameter grooved rolls, horizontal screw feeder with stainless hopper, driven by .25 hp dc motor, vertical precompression screw driven by .5 hp dc motor, 3 hp variable speed roll motor drive, 230/460 volt with model J Homoloid mill, stainless steel construction, direct couple hp motor discharging into 24" Kason screen, model , stainless steel contact surfaces, on base with hp motor, on board stainless steel control panel with feeder scr controllers, mill vfd motor controller on stainless steel base with stainless steel legs, serial# 349.

Modular System For Nanostructure Analysis: SAXSpace Modular System For Nanostructure Analysis: SAXSpace

SAXSpace is a new nanostructure analyzer based on small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SWAXS). Nano-sized particles and sample domains scatter X-rays towards small angles; the resulting scattering pattern provides information on the overall size and shape of the nanostructures.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Pneumatic Conveying Systems
VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of custom pneumatic systems and support equipment for conveying, batching, and weighing materials
Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator, Model L83 Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator, Model L83

One (1) used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator roller compactor, model L83, stainless steel product contact surfaces, with horizontal feeder with agitated feed hopper driven by .25 hp dc motor, vertical compression screw driven by 1 hp dc motor, 8" diameter x 1.5" wide rolls driven by 2.5 hp, 230/460 volt variable speed motor drive on base with controls, serial# 248.

Portable Industrial Vacuum For Fine Powders Portable Industrial Vacuum For Fine Powders
Manual Pulse Filter Cleaning keeps the vacuum operating even when handling fine powders
Analytical & Laboratory Systems Analytical & Laboratory Systems

Anton Paar has a deep understanding of analytical method results in precise instruments with excellent performance and reproducibility. Openness towards customer requirements and attention to new market trends are the source of new ideas which meet the needs of customers.

VAC-U-MAX Bag Dump Stations VAC-U-MAX Bag Dump Stations
When material must be dumped from bags, Vac-U-Max bag dump stations provide operators with a means for doing so at a convenient level, with less chance of material spillage and with provision for evacuation of any dust that may result from the dumping
Dual Shaft Mixer Dual Shaft Mixer

The Dual Shaft Mixer from Charles Ross & Son Company is designed to handle...

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