Product Showcase

  1. Broken Bag Integrity Detector

    Schenck Process offers Integral Broken Bag Detectors from Auburn Systems. The TRIBO.dsp U3200 Integral model is an advanced and economical particulate detector for dust collector compliance, maintenance, and process applications. The U3200 is designed to monitor fabric filter baghouses, cartridge filters, cyclones, and all types of dust collection equipment. For dry solids flow applications, the U3200 can detect flow/no flow and even high or low flow conditions in pneumatic conveying, injection, or gravity fed process flow applications.

  2. Roller Compactor for Chemical Manufacturing: PP 500

    Compaction machine for the chemical industry
    The PP 500 from Alexanderwerk is the perfect roller compactor designed to meet all requirements and standards of an economic compaction. As one of the biggest Alexanderwerk models for the chemical sector it achieves a throughput up to 40,000 kg/h with a roller diameter of 500 mm.

  3. Chemical Roller Compactor: PP 350

    Compaction machine for the chemical industry
    The PP 350 from Alexanderwerk is the perfect roller compactor designed to meet all requirements and standards of an economic compaction. The PP 350 completes the series below the PP 500 and achieves a throughput up to 15,200 kg/h with a roller diameter of 350 mm.

  4. PCS7 And TDC Process Automation Technical Training

    The right employee development and education can provide payoffs for employers in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution. Technical learning services offer you training direct from the manufacturer with dedicated teaching professionals, world-class training workstations, and proven, audience-based curriculum. These training programs provide a competitive advantage through hands-on practical application of the competencies critical to your goals.

  5. Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) Series

    The two new members of the renowned Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) series – MCR 72 and MCR 92 – are the two wisest choices for quick and easy rheological measurements. These real rheometer “pearls” from Anton Paar are streamlined for your daily lab routine, easy to use in a Plug and Play fashion and available at an accommodating price.

  6. Roller Compactor Equipment Rentals

    In order to find the right machine for your specific requirements , Alexanderwerk can provide rental equipment for product development, production of product samples or just to prove our machine quality.

  7. Contract Manufacturing Services - Roller Compaction Technologies

    Following successful small-scale testing at our test facility, Alexanderwerk offers an opportunity for toll manufacturing of small quantities of granulated material. The type of containers to be supplied should be agreed with our lab. The desired grade of the granulated material should be defined, and an suitable material safety data sheet should be enclosed with the product. We will be pleased to submit a detailed quotation on request.

  8. Two Stage Strainer Granulator – Diagonal Design®

    Rotor screen granulators are commonly used as a crushing unit in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry for sizing of soft to medium hard products.

  9. Combi-Vent-Feeder® for Roller Compactors

    When using roller compactors, it is generally accepted to use a screw feeding system for feeding raw material. As well as requiring the highest quality in the final product, our customers are also looking to achieve financial targets (improved cost per tablet). To support our customers with the best possible solution, Alexanderwerk has devoted itself to the optimization of the feeding system and so has developed the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder®.

  10. X-STREAM Enhanced XEGP - General Purpose Gas Analyzer

    The X-STREAM Enhanced full 19" general purpose analyzer combines powerful analytical technology with modern communication functionality to face your analytical problem.