Product Showcase

  1. Powder Injection Mixer with High-Efficiency Charging Hopper

    Ross is offering a new high-efficiency charging hopper for its line of High Shear Mixers with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology. The SLIM is a unique rotor/stator device engineered for high-speed powder injection into liquid without the need for eductors or pumps. The improved hopper design ensures a steady rate of feed delivery and prevents “rat holes” or bridging of bulk solids. Typical solids dispersed using the SLIM include fumed silica, CMC, guar gum, carbon black, carrageenan, xanthan gum, talc, alginates, pectin, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, starch, clays, alumina, carbomers, sugar, salts, dye powders and other additives or fillers.

  2. Used Korsch 71 Station Tablet Press

    One (1) used Korsch rotary tablet press, model XL800, 100 Kn main compression with 100 Kn pre-compression, 71 stations, "B" tooled, dual sided, 16 mm max tablet diameter, 18 mm max depth of fill with single layer, bi-layer capable with 16 mm max depth of fill, 10 mm max second layer depth of fill, speeds up to 766,800 tablets/hour single layer, 383,400 tablets/hour bi-layer, includes spare turret and control panel, serial# K1580006, built 2003.

  3. MoveMaster® Vacuum Conveying

    The MoveMaster® Vac is a vacuum conveying system that offers a cleaner operating environment for handling both raw materials and finished products.  It is ideally suited for batch dilute phase conveying, direct loss in weight feeder refill, and integrated volumetric feeding and conveying.

  4. Rail Technology

    Whether legal-for-trade weighing accuracy, wheel impact load detection, or accurately weighing railcars before and after loading is required you can depend on Schenck Process to provide the most economical and safe solution through a wide range of rail product line offerings.

  5. CoriolisMaster FCB130 And FCB150 System Integration Meter

    CoriolisMaster FCB130 & 150 compact coriolis flowmeters feature low pressure drop, high capacity high speed RS485 Modbus communication and 2 digital outputs.

  6. Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator Roller Compactor

    One (1) used Fitzpatrkc Chilsonator, model DM, series L83, stainless steel product contact surfaces with 1.5" wide x 8" diameter grooved rolls, horizontal screw feeder with stainless hopper, driven by .25 hp dc motor, vertical precompression screw driven by .5 hp dc motor, 3 hp variable speed roll motor drive, 230/460 volt with model J Homoloid mill, stainless steel construction, direct couple hp motor discharging into 24" Kason screen, model , stainless steel contact surfaces, on base with hp motor, on board stainless steel control panel with feeder scr controllers, mill vfd motor controller on stainless steel base with stainless steel legs, serial# 349.

  7. Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator, Model L83

    One (1) used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator roller compactor, model L83, stainless steel product contact surfaces, with horizontal feeder with agitated feed hopper driven by .25 hp dc motor, vertical compression screw driven by 1 hp dc motor, 8" diameter x 1.5" wide rolls driven by 2.5 hp, 230/460 volt variable speed motor drive on base with controls, serial# 248.

  8. Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator, 1 x 8.5 Diameter

    One (1) used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator, model 1.5X8D, stainless steel construction, 1.5" wide x 8" diameter smooth rolls, cored rolls with rotary unions, horizontal screw feeder with agitated feed hopper driven by .5 hp motor, vertical compression screw driven by hp motor, 5 hp main variable speed drive motor, motors are all 230/460 volt, xp design, on stainless steel stand, serial# 395.

  9. Used Chemical Briquetter

    ONE (1) Used Komarek Greaves Briquetter, Model 50MS, 10" diameter x 5.5" face rolls, 50 ton separation force, grooved rolls, horizontal and vertical screw feeders with motors, on base with approximately 30 H.P. motor, serial# F-301.

  10. Used Microtrac Chemical Particle Size Analyzer

    One (1) used Microtrac partical size analyzer, model 9240-4-10-1-9248-181440-003-U1113, serial# 92-48

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