Product Showcase

  1. Granulated Carbon Recovery Systems

    VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying Systems for recovery of spent granulated carbon in water treatment plants and facilties. These system extract the spent carbon and discharge into drums or another container. Conveying rates up to 5000 pounds per hour can be acheived. 

  2. Used 50 Cu Ft Patterson Kelley V-Blender For Chemicals

    One (1) used 50 cu ft Patterson Kelley twin shell blender, stainless steel construction, rated 65#/ cu ft maximum material density, high speed bar driven by 15 hp, 230/460 volt motor, 7.5 hp, 230/460 volt shell drive, standard access ports with covers, 10" discharge with manual butterfly valve, on stainless steel stands with 28" stand extensions, control panel, serial# C428287.

  3. Used Chemical Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender

    One (1) used 20 cu. ft. Patterson Kelley twin shell blender, 304 stainless steel construction, rated 60#/ cu ft max material density, standard access ports with covers, 8" discharge with butterfly valve, on stands with 2 hp motor drive with break, 36" discharge height, serial# 203963.

  4. Used 5 Cubic Foot Patterson Kelley Chemical Blender

    One (1) used 5 cu ft Patterson Kelley twin shell blender, stainless steel construction, rated 95#/ cu ft max material density, standard feed ports with covers, 6" discharge with manual butter fly valve on stands with .75 hp, 220/440 volt motor drive, serial# 242238.

  5. Used 2 Gallon Ross Chemical Double Planetary Mixer

    One (1) used Ross double planetary mixer, model LDM2, Zirconium 702 construction, 2 gallon jacketed mixing can rated 150 psi at 340 f internal, jacketed for 100 psi at 340 f, vacuum cover, 1 hp, 460 volt xp motor with AC VFD controller, hydraulic lift with .5 hp, 230/460 volt xp pump, unit mounted on stand with control panel, can certified by Astro Cosmos, serial# 65795-2, national board# 1813, Ross serial# 72684, new 1998.

  6. Used 10 Liter Ross Turbo Chemical Emulsifier

    ONE (1) Used Ross Turbo Emulsifier, Model TE.3-10, stainless steel construction, 10 liter mixing capacity, 10" diameter x 10" deep stainless steel jacketed can, rated 21.8 PSI @ 260 degree F internal, jacket rated 72.5 PSI @ 260 degrees F. Anchor style agitator driven by a 3/4 HP, 230/460 Volt motor, 11.2:1 gearbox ratio, emulsifier driven by a 1.5 HP, 230/460 Volt, control panel with (2) Reliance VS drives, and a vacuum pump. Built 1994.

  7. Used 60 Quart Hobart Chemical Mixer

    One (1) used Hobart mixer, model 600, 60 quart capacity, stainless steel bow with aluminum beater, 230 volt.

  8. Used 10 Gallon Ross Chemical Planetary Mixer

    One (1) used Ross double planetary mixer, model PVM-10, stainless steel construction, 10 gallon capacity, vacuum cover, anchor agitator driven by 3 hp, 230/460 volt xp motor, disperser driven by 5 hp, 230/460 volt xp motor, mixer emulsifier driven by 1.5 hp, 230/460 volt xp motor, mechanical shaft seals, air over oil hydraulic lift with air tank, serial# 68891.

  9. Used Kalish Swiftpack Tablets and Capsules Bottle Filling Line

    One (1) used DT Kalish Swiftpack bottle filling line rated at speeds up to 60 bottles/minute consisting of the follwing: One (1) Palace bottle unsrambler, model P-2-H with integrated hopper and bottle elevator, air bottle cleaner out with blower, serial# 3680, One (1) DT Kalish desiccant feeder, model 8310, with vibrating bowl feeder, designed for single or dual desiccant feeds, serial# 803807, new 2001, One (1) DT Kalish Swiftpack electronic lane counter, model SV2 EFS3, 12 lane, two step, feed hopper, serial# M3060, new 2000 with SwiftLift portable product elevator with feed hopper and bucket, serial# M3061, One (1) NJM/CLI Arol rotary spindle capper, model Rotac3-01, EURO VP, 3 spindle with cap hopper and elevator, serial# 20399-01, 9713, new 2006, One (1) Enercon inline induction sealer, model LM4252-01, rating SUPERSEALMAX, 240 volt, 13.4 amps, on stand, serial# 16369-02, 36" Accumulation table, variable speed motor, One (1) Kaps All inline retorquer, model FA6-2, 3 spindle, side bump belts, torque montitor with printer, serial# 5281, One (1) Travtec transfer belt conveyor, model Paratran II, Two (2) Videojet inject coders, model IPRO with print heads, serial#'s 032270002WD, 032300004WD, One (1) Travtec transfer belt conveyor, model Paratran II, 30" DT Kalish accumulation table, model 7540, serial# 803957, new 2001, with all interconnecting slat conveyor, electrical chases and controls, Line currently set up for 60cc square bottle with change parts for 60 cc round, 120cc square and round, 175cc square bottles.

  10. Used Piston-Style Air Compressor

    One (1) used piston style air compressor

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