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Precyse Technologies Introduces Intrinsically Safe, Remote Entity Awareness And Control (REAC) Products For Oil, Gas, Mining And Chemical (OGMC) Industries

Industry-first integrates intrinsically safe performance with patented REAC wireless technologies

Norcross, GA /PRNewswire/ - Precyse Technologies, a leading pioneer of wireless Remote Entity Awareness and Control systems for managing high-value physical assets and personnel, announced today their intrinsically safe certification (Class I, Division 1) for three products in their solution set. This certification is a requirement for systems to operate in many oil, gas, mining and chemical (OGMC) industries or any industry in hazardous classified locations (e.g. where explosion risks or combustibility is a concern). The intrinsically safe Badge xAgent, Asset xAgent, and Micro xBeacon extend Precyse's existing Smart Agent and Beacon product lines which, coupled with Precyse network infrastructure and sophisticated software, aid heavy industries in remotely identifying, locating, monitoring, communicating with and managing people and physical resources such as vehicles, equipment, instruments, and inventory.

"The OGMC industries are looking for a safety and security monitoring solution that is intrinsically safe and cost effective," saysDrew Bolton, director of operations at Precyse Technologies. "We designed our solution so industrial companies operating in the most hazardous conditions can quickly deploy a turn-key package that improves worker and environmental safety. Our solution set includes mobile Smart Agents, wireless network infrastructure, and real-time operations, control room, and HES (health, environment and safety) tools to proactively monitor and manage the workplace to assist emergency response efforts. The solution enables users to better coordinate real-time event management, and includes management reporting and analytics that may help improve safety-security compliance and learning. Our customers value our system as an indispensable tool to improve muster event procedures and, of critical importance, help quickly locate and assess the state of missing people. Furthermore, when combined with our system's automated business rules, this increased visibility of and communication with personnel and valuable physical assets, translates into operational efficiencies."

In addition to intrinsically safe certification, Precyse Technologies solution set benefits include:

  • Tracking locations and motions of employees or physical assets inside and outside, using patented assisted GPS (A-GPS) technologies. For example, the Precyse system helps emergency responders efficiently identify, locate, sense status of, and communicate with personnel who have not reported to muster points.
    • In one of Precyse's pilot programs, the customer located five simulated unconscious employees in less than 10 minutes and remarked without the Precyse system it would have taken 24 – 48 hours to locate the same number of missing and unresponsive personnel.
  • Built-in man-down alert – utilizes an accelerometer and other technologies to automatically detect when a field worker falls and automatically alert control room personnel
  • Real-time information – identifies, locates, senses current state of, and communicates with people (or otherwise controls physical assets) in real-time using proprietary algorithms and software
  • Dynamic two-way communication
  • User-initiated panic/emergency button – empowers workers to report real-time incidents as immediately encountered in the field
  • Text notification and user acknowledgement – facilitates communication between control room operators, management, and field personnel
  • Bulk or individualized two-way communication - can broadcast messages and instruction sets to groups of or specific Smart Agents
  • Configurable business rules automate tasks – e.g. when "X" occurs, automatically do "Y"
  • Dynamically changes the way a Smart Agent or group of Smart Agents behave in real-time. For example, under normal operations, the Badge xAgent may report its location every ten minutes, but in an emergency or during a muster event, switch to reporting location every second.
  • Badge xAgent utilizes power-saving e-paper (electronic paper) and proprietary wireless protocols for an energy-efficient message display, thus extending battery life.
  • In areas without reliable GPS, the small, light, battery-powered Micro xBeacon is easy to install with magnets, zip-ties, metal strapping or similar hardware.
  • Once installed, infrastructure supports additional business case uses beyond safety and security. For example, the system can identify, locate, sense the operational state of, and communicate with valuable assets such as vehicles, equipment and instruments.
  • Industry-leading communication distances maximize coverage areas, speed deployment and reduce installation time and cost.
  • Cost effective, scalable infrastructure:

The lightweight Badge xAgent, intelligent devices used in tracking and communicating with people, help safeguard workers' lives by detecting free-falls aka man-down, enabling the worker to call for help with a single press of a button, and reporting the worker's location before and during emergency events. The Badge xAgent provides unique two-way communication between field level workers and control room personnel, complementing the customer's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for emergencies and business as usual day-to-day operations.

Prior to the Precyse Technologies solution, when an emergency in hazardous areas occurred, the personnel relied on their rigorous training and SOPs. Precyse Technologies' solution set supplements SOPs, adding visibility and communication tools to improve how a company responds to emergencies in hazardous environments. Badge xAgent allow a unique, two-way communication across the entire workforce or individualized to specific people or groups. This communication allows immediate confirmation of the message; can direct or redirect personnel to muster areas; provide additional instructions; confirm a worker's immediate safety or ability to reach a muster point or otherwise safe location; and identify and locate personnel absent from muster points or in harm's way.

About Precyse Technologies
Precyse Technologies is a leading pioneer of wireless Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC) systems for remotely managing high-value physical assets and personnel. Their solutions empower enterprises to maintain knowledge and automatically react to the physical, environmental and technical status of their critical physical assets including people, vehicles, equipment, instruments and inventory in real-time, improving visibility and decision making among operations, HES, IT and management. The Precyse solution, using patented assisted GPS (A-GPS) technologies in Smart Agents, provides real-time REAC capabilities for Fortune 500 organizations. They serve the following industries - oil and gas, mining, chemical, energy, and terminal and yard management operations at airports, shipyards and vehicle distribution facilities. Additionally, they service industrial manufacturing and other hazardous and non-hazardous heavy industries. For more information visit

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