News | February 1, 2014

Ingenious Inc. Releases ProPlan 5.0 – Next Generation Refinery And Petrochemical Production Planning Software

Houston, TX - Ingenious Inc. is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of ProPlan 5.0, its latest version of refinery and petrochemical production planning simulator. ProPlan has an installed base of 16 clients and over 100 seats globally including PETRONAS Malaysia, US Government, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Linde, Suncor Energy, Indian Oil R&D and more.

Vibhu Sharma, Ingenious Inc. CEO, says, “We have been working diligently to improve upon an already advanced solution by working with clients and leaders in the Refining and Petrochemical industries. We’ve added many new and enhanced features in this release that reflect the real needs and planning challenges that our industry is up against.” ProPlan 5.0 is a flow-sheet based Refinery and Petrochemical planning software with powerful Lindo Multistart Non-Linear and LP advanced optimizer. ProPlan 5.0 is easy to use and costs 40-80% less than competing solutions.

Sharma states, “We see a lot of companies using Excel spreadsheets or 20+ year old technology to handle their production planning and we’ve seen case after case where those technologies fail to meet the demands of the way planning is done today; an intuitive solution like ProPlan 5.0 is our answer to that disconnect.” ProPlan 5.0 also boasts 30+ process unit models, crude assay database integration, case comparisons and comprehensive reports. The goal of ProPlan 5.0 is to revolutionize the way companies manage their production planning, streamline the process and prevent potentially devastating planning and opportunity cost mistakes.

SOURCE: Ingenious Inc.

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