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ZOZEN Boiler Energizes Uzbekistan Chemical Industry


Previously, a set of SZS series gas-fired steam boiler provided by ZOZEN Boiler to AO NAVOIYAZOT, a large chemical enterprise in Uzbekistan, has been running smoothly for about one year.

NAVOIYAZOT is a large chemical enterprise in Uzbekistan, engaged in the processing of natural gas into mineral fertilizers, the production of chemicals. In the process of producing mineral fertilizer, it is necessary to mix with hot water. Constant temperature reaction, granulation, drying and other links in the high-pressure reaction kettle cannot be separated from the stable heat source provided by the industrial boiler.

ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boiler adopts reasonable D-type arrangement of full-membrane wall structure, and all convection tube bundles in high-temperature area adopt anti-vibration fasteners, so that the fracture problem of convection tube bundles is solved. The high-temperature resistant stainless steel CR25ni20 is adopted between the membrane walls, so that the flue gas short circuit is avoided to a certain extent. In the production process of ZOZEN Boiler, every detail condenses the quality and ingenuity of ZOZEN people, and this is also an important guarantee for ZOZEN Boiler to go to the World.

In order to further improve the energy-saving effect, a condenser and economizer can be installed at the end of the boiler to fully recover the sensible heat of the flue gas and latent heat of steam condensation, the thermal efficiency can reach over 98%. At the same time, good quality alumina silicate fiber and fire clay insulation is used, boiler body temperature is controlled below 45℃, to reduce heat lost. The above methods ensure the energy saving and high efficiency of the boiler.

With its own performance advantages and strong service network, ZOZEN Boiler is favored by users in Russia, Turkmenistan, Moldova and many other Russian-speaking countries. ZOZEN Boiler has become one of the trustworthy industrial boiler brands.

Company Profile:

After more than 30 years' development and accumulation, ZOZEN Boiler has built a complete R&D system, and realized the technological standards of digital blanking, automatic welding and mold assembly to ensure the quality and safety of boiler products. At the same time, ZOZEN Boiler also focuses on training the technical team that specializes in serving Russian-speaking countries and regions to provide a complete set of boiler solutions.

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