Newsletter | August 14, 2019

08.14.19 -- Upgrading Dust Collection Systems To Meet Government Standards

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Upgrading Dust Collection Systems To Meet Government Standards
By Mike Althouse, Schenck Process

Effective, safe dust collection is becoming a more challenging issue every year for industrial plants. The primary drivers are increasingly stringent government regulations for fine particulate emissions and explosion protection and manufacturers’ increasing focus on the bottom line by using smaller, more efficient dust collection systems. This article provides advice on how to upgrade your dust collection system to meet government standards and boost the bottom line.

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The oil and gas industry, like many others, is collecting and storing ever larger volumes of data. Although, there is value in this data, it is often difficult to unearth using conventional analysis tolls such as spreadsheets. To address this issue, new data analytics software platforms are being introduced specifically to deal with time-series data.

Using FTIR Spectrometers To Monitor Large Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor Vessels

This application note covers how to reliably measure the gas composition of hot, corrosive gas under pressure in real time in order to optimize TiO2 production. MIDAC engineers in co-operation with the customer's process engineers devised a novel solution to fit the constraints. By MIDAC Corporation

Comprehensive Guide To Flow Solutions For Harsh Environments

From principles of operation to sizing and configuration tools, this new 25-page guide details flow solutions for harsh environments. The focus areas include downstream chemical, oil and gas applications, molten sulfur, delayed coker applications, and enhancing oil recovery areas.

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