Newsletter | August 21, 2019

08.21.19 -- Ultra-High-Shear Mixing Strategies For Manufacturers

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Keep Your Pumps Running Smoothly To Optimize Process Efficiency
By Don Lundberg, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Reducing pump lifecycle costs (their purchase, operation, and maintenance) is critical in a process plant optimizing efficiency and product output. The process and the surrounding equipment configuration can be responsible for unnecessary high pump lifecycle costs.

Ultra-High-Shear Mixing Strategies For Manufacturers
By Charles Ross and Son Company

This white paper presents four advanced rotor/stator technologies for ultra-high shear mixing of fine dispersions, emulsions, and other applications beyond the capabilities of traditional single and multi-stage rotor/stator devices.

Predicting Lifecycle Costs For Maintenance Management
By Anita Vuorenmaa and Riina Brade, Elomatic

A cornerstone of long-term maintenance is optimizing lifecycle costs of investments during decision-making. This article discusses how predictability of costs and profitability can be enhanced.

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3 Tips To Optimize Cooling Water Management For Lower Plant Operating Costs

The proper control and treatment of cooling water is essential for efficient, safe, and economical operations. Chemicals are fed to these systems that protect against fouling, corrosion, and microbiological contamination. The proper dosage of these key chemicals is determined by having accurate information on the system make-up and blowdown water.

Improving Efficiencies In Pickling Baths

Rising raw material costs, environmental sustainability, and a global economy are some of the future challenges for the chemical industry. In order for production processes to run at peak performance, highly accurate, rugged, and easily integrated field instrumentation are needed.