White Paper

Top 10 Benefits Of Using A CMMS/EAM Solution

Source: Aptean

Organizations are under pressure to squeeze more profits out of their assets by reducing their maintenance and operational costs and increasing equipment uptime. Because of this, organizations typically operate their maintenance departments as a cost center, strictly concerned with adhering to budgets and decreasing expenses. Implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management Software/ Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS / EAM) solution, however, can help transform maintenance into a profit center by allocating operating costs to improve efficiency and maximize asset performance, resulting in higher profits.

Before you begin your CMMS / EAM search, it is important to understand why you need to make a change and what your organization's tactical and strategic objectives are. Do you need to improve your current maintenance processes and procedures to become more efficient and effective? Are you experiencing frequent equipment failures? Is your Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) spending out of hand? Are you experiencing too much unplanned equipment downtime? Implementing a new CMMS / EAM solution has the potential to solve those issues and provide tremendous value, but the importance of selecting a solution that is the right fit for your organization cannot be overstated. There are hundreds of providers to choose from, so as you evaluate solutions, taking the time to really consider how the following benefits could positively affect your organization and improve profitability will help you develop a strong business case to support your CMMS / EAM project.