Datasheet | February 9, 2012

Thermo Scientific ToxInsight Endocrine Profiler Panel

Source: Life Science Research - Cellomics

Traditional methods of assessing endocrine disruption in vitro measure single targets in homogeneous formats and have a record of low predictive power. The Thermo Scientific ToxInsight Endocrine Profiler Panel leverages our proven technologies for automated cellular imaging and analysis to measure multiple toxicity indicators in ERα and AR GFPtagged cells following chemical exposure.


  • The ToxInsight Endocrine Profiler Panel assay cartridges are designed to run on the ToxInsight CHPS program offering an automated, animal free quantitative multiparameter assessment of cellular toxicity
  • Assay reports both potency and magnitude of response of the endocrine active chemical
  • Powerful, integrated analytics, rapidly report potentially hazardous chemicals with endocrine activity in a simple to interpret manner
  • Product complies with regulatory requirements for Reproductive Toxicity testing
  • The ToxInsight CHPS program is a highthroughput device capable of assessing large numbers of substances
  • The ToxInsight Endocrine Profiler Panel offers broad applicability to identify endocrine active constituents in soil, plastic leachants, fertilizers and more