Company Profile | January 1, 1996

TEMA Systems

Source: TEMA Systems, Inc.
TEMA Systems

Tema Systems, Inc. founded as Tema, Inc. in July 1977, name changed to Tema Systems, Inc. in 1985. Partially owned by Siebtechnik of Mulheim, Germany and TEMA B.V. of The Hague, Holland. Siebtechnik is celebrating 75 years of Separation Technology. TEMA is the North American licensee of Siebtechnik products.

Tema Systems, Inc. with corporate offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of Centrifuges Screens and Sampling Systems, and is a member of the Siebtechnik/Tema group with affiliate offices in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Spain, and Australia. Manufacturing and assembly facilities in North America at the Cincinnati, Ohio facility include all product lines.

Tema Systems, Inc., has three divisions. The Industrial Centrifuges, Coal Centrifuges, and Sampling Systems divisions operate from the Cincinnati location.

TEMA Systems, Inc., 7806 Redsky Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45249. Tel: 513-489-7811; Fax: 513/489-4817.