Newsletter | June 12, 2019

06.12.19 -- Teledyne To Acquire The Gas and Flame Detection Business Of 3M

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Industrial IoT-Enabled Remote Monitoring Improves OEM Service Performance
By Ralph Rio, Seeq Corporation

The prime reason most industrial plants still have internal, on-site maintenance staffs is to reduce repair times and unplanned downtime, which negatively impact revenue, customer satisfaction, cost, and other key business metrics. In most plants today, contracting with the equipment manufacturer for maintenance usually results in unacceptably long periods of downtime for critical equipment while waiting for a technician to arrive — particularly with the typical two passes required for inspection and repair.

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Advancing Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters For 21st Century Process And Plant Needs

Process, instrument, and plant engineers are challenged continuously by productivity and plant operating efficiency objectives as well as ensuring plant compliance with an ever-expanding list of regulations.

Performance Monitoring Of Heat Exchangers

When a heat exchanger generates little heat loss, it seems the device is working efficiently. A closer look shows the performance evaluation of heat exchangers is not quite such a simplistic matter.

Water Alternating Gas Injection System Requires Compact Flow Measurement Solution

A major oil/gas producer in the Southeastern U.S. needed to implement enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology to boost production in a mature oil field. For the past 25 years the company had been using water-flooding, but this technology was no longer providing the desired output.