Technical Paper: The MIDAC Low Moisture in Corrosive Gases Process Analyzer for Continuous On-Line Applications

By Dr. Peter G. Zemek
MIDAC Corporation

Midac has developed a Titan On-Line Process Analyzer for measuring moisture in corrosive gasses. The system can also be used to simultaneously analyze other target gases at different orders of magnitude in association with low moisture levels. Inlet sample pressures can range from ambient to 5000 PSI. Moisture analytical minimum detection limits is approximately 500 ppbv (0.5 ppmv). Other configurations can be used to detect moisture levels at very low ppb concentrations. Sample flow rate range is 0.1 to 2.0 lpm. The system requires plant nitrogen and power.

Systems have been incorporated into ammonia plants where low moisture levels in the ppm range and ammonia levels in the percent level concentrations are needed in near-real time. Results from installed systems prove high accuracy and precision. Process streams can be accommodated at high pressure and high concentrations. Other contaminants and by-products such as methane and other organics may also be analyzed simultaneously. The system can simultaneously measure ppm water, percent ammonia, and percent methane. The system can operate in Class I Div II environments.

Analysis for moisture in corrosive gasses has been a challenge for many instrumental technologies. Ammonia is not compatible with many of the moisture measuring techniques employed by ammonia plants such as chemiluminescent dewpoint meters and cold mirror devices. Additionally, simultaneous measurements of moisture, ammonia and methane can be performed simultaneously and at different orders of magnitude....

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