Slipstick Tube Conveyor

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Slipstick Tube Conveyor
The Slipstick Tube Conveyor is an oscillating mechanical conveyor with a slow-speed, horizontal differential motion
The Slipstick Tube Conveyor is an oscillating mechanical conveyor with a slow-speed, horizontal differential motion. This motion is a slow-advance and quick-return cycle that glides the product along the length of the conveyor. The many advantages of a Slipstick Tube Conveyor include:

  • Reduced noise levels
  • Zero pitch -- which resists segregation, degredation or stratification
  • No springs to wear out
  • Product will not spill out and dust is eliminated
  • External debris is kept away from your product
  • Conveyor pan can be made in any form that suits the application - tubular or open channel

Ideal for powders and granulated materials, the horizontal conveying motion of the Slipstick Tube offers many important distinctions between this conveyor and conventional "natural frequency" conveyors.

Conventional vibrating conveyors use a vertical motion to briskly spank the product bed, which can degrade fragile products and promote adherence of material to the conveying surface.

In contrast, the Slipsticks' horizontal motion does not impact the product, so product damage is avoided. Horizontal motion provides true "Mass Flow" of your product. This eliminates product separation due to size or density differences within the product bed.

Improved sanitation, maintenance and better quality product are the main driving forces behind the success of the Slipstick Conveyor.

Triple/S Dynamics also manufactures a complete line of efficient, high-capacity screening equipment.

For screening, scalping, de-watering, high speed delivery, and other applications that call for a pitching action conveying motion, Triple/S Dynamics offers specialized natural frequency conveyors. Designs include machines that are either eccentrically or inertially driven, fully balanced, and equipped with the same range of optional features that are available with the Slipstick Conveyor.

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