Newsletter | November 27, 2019

11.27.19 -- Shell Uses Plastic Waste To Produce Chemicals

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How To Optimize Solid-Liquid Mixing
By Christine Banaszek, Charles Ross and Son Company

Whether mixed into liquid in the form of powders, pellets, granules, flakes, crystals, or fibers, solids often represent a processing challenge. This paper provides practical information on the efficient use of specialty mixing equipment for the preparation of low-, medium-, and high-viscosity solid-liquid mixtures under low and high shear conditions.

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ProcessMaster Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Delivering value in sectors as diverse as chemical, power, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and metals and mining, ProcessMaster is the ultimate flow solution for any process application.

MIDAC Titan On-Line Analyzer: Online Analysis In The Real World

The MIDAC Titan On-Line analyzer is designed for use in industry wherever the measurement of gas stream components are required.

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