News | November 2, 2004

Ross VersaMix Supplied With Integrated Vacuum System

Ross Mixers are used for processing a wide range of materials in many different industries. While processing, the mixer can provide a sealed processing environment to enable processing under vacuum.

Processing under vacuum is a very effective way of creating products that are free of air. Air in a product can cause inconsistent color/ appearance, unpredictable fill quantities or simply a poor product.

The Ross VersaMix is offered with an integrated vacuum system. The vacuum pump, and all related components are located within the mixer sheathing, saving space and providing a neat overall appearance. Vacuum controls and monitoring are easily integrated into the mixer control system..

The VersaMix is offered in many sizes from 1 through 4000 gallons capacity. Units are available for no-charge testing in the Ross Test & Development Center. They can also be rented for real time trials in the users plant.

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