Article | April 16, 2014

Restoration Technology For Polymer Concrete

Source: Sauereisen, Inc.

By John Davis, Inside Sales & Marketing Specialist, Sauereisen

Polymer concrete is one of the most durable, longest-lasting and corrosion-resistant materials available for industrial infrastructure. This class of products consists of a matrix composed of heavy-duty aggregate and either chemical-resistant resin or cement binder. These castable materials may offer up to five times the physical strength compared to standard portland-based concrete.

Polymer concretes are designed to give superior mechanical properties similar to masonry. Because of chemical resistance throughout the entire thickness, polymer concretes may preclude the necessity of barrier coatings and linings. They offer a onestep approach to solving corrosion and provide superior compressive, flexural, and tensile strength. In addition, select fillers enable physical properties such as absorption and freeze-thaw durability to far exceed most inorganic counterparts.