News | January 20, 2014

Processing Capacity Increased To Meet Emerging Industrial Technologies Demand

West Hartford, CT - Rose Mill Company, in response to a growing demand for mineral processing services, has increased their capacity to mix and blend dry mineral-based salts and similar dry, salt-like products. New technologies, such as those relying on LCD/smartphone glass, or the new oil and gas "fracking" methods, often require minerals, mineral-based chemicals, and inorganic chemical formulations that are processed to meet the specific needs of the technology.

"We are adding new equipment to make our existing toll blending operation more efficient and to gain capacity to accommodate new business" notes Rose Mill President Jay Stolfi. "This is the second phase of our expansion. It is a natural progression from last year's expansion to our pulverizing capacity," he notes. In addition to dry mixing/blending and pulverizing, Rose Mill provides screening, labeling and packaging services for small and large manufacturers. Industries served include oil and gas, mining, chemical, automotive, construction materials, flame-retardants, metallurgy, consumer products, high-performance lubricants, high-performance glass, and others.

About Rose Mill Company: The Rose Mill Company is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing company located in West Hartford, CT. The company occupies and owns a 20,000 square foot climate-controlled building on 1.76 acres in an industrial area along a rail artery. The company is 51% women-owned.

Rose Mill is a mineral processing company, purchasing raw materials from mining companies and processing them into more usable forms for industry. The demand for these products is increasing as they are more environmentally friendly versions of other man-made chemicals. Rose Mill has four main areas of business: borates/borate processing; specialty lubricants; metalworking compounds; and toll processing/private label subcontracting.

SOURCE: Rose Mill Co.