Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Equipment

Source: Daiichi Jitsugyo (America), Inc.
Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Equipment

Compact and low price meeting with the high-mix low-volume manufacturing.

  • Tablet packaging efficiency - 200sheets/min (MAX)
  • Film width - 240mm(MAX)
  • Applicable packing material - Compound film of PP-PVC and others (150 - 300μ)

Container film automatic extension
Container film 4-roll unmanned automatic extension By adding the automatic feeding device of tablets, packaging material and others, the system is established in the condition more close to "unmanned".    

Tool-free die exchange
The die is an air clamp type without bolts. For this reason, the exchange of dies can be performed with one-switch operation without using tools.    

Film feeding roller
The container film is sent out without any supplementary operation and automatically formed with the forming pocket. The positioning of multilevel rollers is automatically determined depending on the variety.