Ozone Generators

Source: Daiichi Jitsugyo (America), Inc.
Ozone Generators

KOMAL manufactures a Corona Discharge Ozone Generator and Ozone application Engineering Including dissolution column, air preparation unit and Ozone destruction. 'OZ1 series of Ozonator Generator operate exclusively on oxygen feed gas, Eliminating the need of Air preparation unit. For the smaller requirement of ozone 'OZ' Series Ozone Generator is very efficient, reliable and very cost - effective.

Ozonator is provided with all the accessories including filters, dielectric glass cell. High Voltage Transformers, Flow meters, Pr. Gauges, Safety shut - off valve, Pr. Regulator, etc.


  • Eliminate Chemical Cost
  • Eliminate Cost of Transportation and disposal
  • Ozone leaves no residue, its only by - product is Oxygen
  • Precipitate heavy metals
  • Enhance Taste / Freshness of Water

Ozone Production

Ozone producing electrodes are of the Corona discharge type, having a 316 Stainless Steel tubular outer shell, with an Internal Cylindrical dielectric assembly. The dielectric has a conductive material that is applied to the inner surface and is connected to the high voltage, low or medium frequency power supply with the S.S. Tubular outer shell acting as the ground between the S.S. Tubular outer shell and the dielectric assembly is an air gap Ozone" Corona" discharge gap. The oxygen enriched feed gas stream passes through the air gap and the intense corona converts a percentage of the oxygen to Ozone.

Komal Ozone Generator

Ozone System shall include all necessary components and controls to constitute a completely functional and operational generation system intended for 24 hrs. Operation

Generator shall include the following:

  • Stainless Steel Ozone generating cell
  • Medium frequency power supply inverters with transformers and control
  • Optional PLC for various controls
  • Ozone Dissolution Column with non corrosive diffuser
  • The generator is powered by 230 V AC 1 phase or 440 VAC 3 phase 60 cycle service
  • Alarm and safety features
  • Optional dissolve ozone monitor
  • Optional Ozone destruct module