Download | February 12, 2013

Online Sulfuric Acid Process Measurement

Source: Anton Paar USA
Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is one of the most important industrial chemicals used in the world and found in many industries.  Anton Paar offers several inline process solutions for measuring the concentration of sulfuric acid in real time.

To date, the most relevant industrial process for producing sulfuric acid is the “double contact process”. H2SO4 is produced by dissolving sulfur trioxide (SO3) in concentrated sulfuric acid and diluting the solution with water to achieve the desired concentration.  An online determination of sulfuric acid concentration is essential for controlling the H2SO4 production and dilution process.

The production process is summarized below.  Anton Paar offers sulfuric acid concentration measurement solutions at the numbered locations using density (1), sound velocity (2), or a combination of both density and sound velocity (3).   The various technologies provide flexibility to offer the optimal solution for each specific application.

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