Article | November 14, 2016

MIDAC Air Monitor Analyzer Detects Compounds At The Parts-Per-Billion Level

Source: MIDAC Corporation
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The MIDAC Air Monitor analyzer is a bistatic open path analyzer capable of detecting compounds potentially hazardous to health at the parts-perbillion level.

 The AM system brings all the benefits of MIDAC’s extractive gas analyzers to the world of open path metrology. The spectrometer components are identical to those used in industrial process control systems. The infrared source is MIDAC’s own design, as is the 10” Newtonian telescope which collects the light for analysis.

Newtonian telescopes offer a significant increase in stability over their Cassegrainian equivalents. While Cassegrain telescopes are considered superior for visual light astronomy, open path spectroscopy doesn’t require a clear image; merely that as many photons are collected as possible.