News | February 3, 2010

Metcar Offers 100 Series And 300 Series Bearing Assemblies


Metallized Carbon Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture of oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite materials, offers Metcar 100 Series and 300 Series Bearing Assemblies that are designed for use in gypsum board and ceiling tile continuous dryers. These self-aligning, bearing assemblies with carbon-graphite replaceable bearing cartridges are used to hold the powered rollers in large continuous dryers that are used for curing gypsum board and ceiling tile.

The 100 Series and the 300 Series bearing assemblies are designed to permit the bearing cartridge to be replaced quickly and easily even after years of exposure to the high temperatures inside the dryer. Fast and easy bearing cartridge replacement is required in these dryers because of the short down time allowed for these large, high production dryers.

The Metcar 100 Series bearing assemblies are designed to enable fast bearing cartridge replacement from the axial direction (that is when the bearing cartridge can slid over the end of the shaft). The 100 Series Bearing Cartridge slides onto the end of shaft, ears on the bearing cartridge flange slide into slots in the housing, the cartridge is rotated ninety degrees, and a circular clip lock is used to block the slots so the cartridge is secured in the housing

The Metcar 300 Series bearing assemblies are designed to enable fast bearing cartridge replacement from the radial direction. This is necessary when the bearing assembly is located behind the roller drive sprocket or behind locking collars so it is not possible to slide the bearing cartridge over the shaft. The bottom half of the 300 Series Split Bearing Cartridge slides under the shaft and a slot on the bearing cartridge flange engages with a stud in the housing. The top half of the 300 Series split bearing cartridge is placed over the shaft and an "easy clip" wire spring is used to hold both halves of the split cartridge in place.

Optional bearing cartridges are available to provide for different cartridge lengths and to accommodate thrust load on the end of the bearing cartridge. The 100 and 300 series bearing assemblies are available with several options for mounting to the dryer support frame. These including; saddle mounted, offset mounted, vertical mounted, horizontal mounted, angle mounted, flush mounted, wing mounted, and flange mounted. Housings and bearing cartridges retaining rings are fabricated from zinc plated steel.

The 100 and 300 Series Bearing cartridges are available with four different grades of Metcar, self-lubricating carbon-graphite material. Metcar Grade 1515 (copper impregnated, carbon-graphite) is recommended for dryer zones with temperatures up to 700 F (371C). Metcar Resistox Grade 2500 is recommended for dryer zones with temperatures from 700 to 1000 F (371 to 538 c). Metcar Resistox Grades 9200 and 9800 are recommended for dryer zones with temperatures from 1000 to 1100 F (538 to 593 C).

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Since its inception in 1945, Metallized Carbon Corporation has been manufacturing high-quality, dependable bearing solutions for severe operating environments. With over 50 years of Application Engineering experience, Metallized Carbon offers the field expertise and data necessary to provide The Solid Choice for Lubrication® in a wide variety of industries. Metallized Carbon is ISO certified and produces the Metcar brand of solid, oil-free, self-lubricating materials.

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SOURCE: Metallized Carbon Corporation