Brochure | July 31, 2019

MechaTron® Feeding Systems

Source: Schenck Process LLC

When going through frequent material changes or multiple cleaning cycles, the MechaTron® provides the perfect solution for reducing the maintenance time during those operations. With complete disassembly from the non-process side of the feeder there is no need to remove upper extension hoppers, bins, bulk bags and IBC’s to clean or maintain the feeder. This feature alone results in tremendous time and cost savings.

A choice of multiple configurations that include: single screw, twin screw, vibratory, high and low capacities, flexible or  stainless steel conical hoppers provide the versatility to accommodate any unique dry material feeding application.

MechaTron® feeders are perfectly suited for volumetric or gravimetric feeding applications handling materials ranging from sugar in food processing to carbon black for use in plastics.

  • Easy disassembly from the non-process side saves maintenance time
  • Highly accurate systems reduce product loss
  • Robust design withstands harsh environments
  • Conical hopper optimizes mass flow