Newsletter | October 16, 2019

10.16.19 -- Materials' Increased Capacity, Efficiency Could Lower The Bar For Hydrogen Technology

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The Benefits Of Virtualization Training For Automation Systems
By Vladimir Pöyhönen, Elomatic

Automation companies need to keep up with the changing world. Virtualization expertise and specialization delivers far superior benefits compared with traditional approaches.

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Moisture In Ammonia — Corrosive Gases

In this application note MIDAC Corporation discusses how to reliably detect water in ammonia at 1 ppm to protect an expensive catalyst bed. 

Tech Brief: Conserve Raw Materials In A Scalable R&D Mixer

Developing a new formulation at the R&D stage can require multiple iterations to arrive at the optimal quality, functionality, cost, or a combination of these and other factors.

Natural Gas Measurement

The customer had no natural gas flow measurement for its standby generators and wanted to know how much gas each unit was using. The customer also wanted to know the performance efficiency of each generator to enable them to establish an effective maintenance schedule.