Brochure | November 12, 2009

M20 High Impact Tank Cleaning Machine (Series M20)

Source: Lechler Inc.

The Lechler M20 High Impact Tank Cleaning Machine is a gear-driven unit designed to clean the largest tanks in the most difficult applications. Though it has many imitators, there is none that surpasses the performance, service life, and maintenance thrift of this time-tested machine.

The M20 is available either with two or four solid stream nozzles. These nozzles rotate in a vertical plane on a hub, while the head to which the hub is attached rotates in a horizontal plane. Over a given cycle time, the machine systematically sweeps the entire tank in one complete revolution to clean the tank with powerful force. Cycle times are dependent upon the number of nozzles and the operating pressure. A four-nozzle unit has a shorter cycle time than a two-nozzle machine, and cycle times also decrease as operating pressure increases.