Newsletter | June 5, 2019

06.05.19 -- Lygos Awarded $2M To Develop Tech To Revive U.S. Biomanufacturing

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Recommended Blending Equipment For Powdered Detergents
By Charles Ross and Son Company

Ribbon blenders are well proven in the manufacture of detergents and intermediate compositions. Granular and powdered raw materials are loaded into the U-shaped trough and mixed by a horizontal solid-shaft agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons. 

FTIR Fast Facts 1
By MIDAC Corporation

Everybody knows that FTIRs can do the monitoring, and it usually gives the most coverage, but what’s the reason that somebody would spend more money on an FTIR unit when conventional instruments are cheaper?

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Building Customer Relationships Based On Data And Trust

How can genetic biotechnology, an ethanol plant and operational data benefit an entire community? Syngenta is a global company with more than 29,000 employees in 90 countries and revenues of over $14 billion USD.