News | March 12, 2014

L.J. Star Introduces World's Brightest Sight-Glass Light

Twinsburg, OH - L.J. Star Inc., a supplier of sight glasses, sight flow indicators and other process observation equipment, has introduced the LumiStar3000™, a 60mm LED sight-glass light that is four times brighter than a typical sight-glass light, improving visibility of critical processes. The new luminaire, which is capable of outputting 2600 lumens at full brightness, produces four times the light output of a standard 100W halogen luminaire with less energy and heat. It offers unprecedented, penetrating illumination of vessels used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing.

According to L.J. Star president David Star, “The ability to observe the interior of process vessels is crucial to control, but weak lighting frequently limits the view. Mounted over a sight glass, the LumiStar3000 light allows those operators for the first time to have a clear view of what’s happening at the bottom of large tanks and to easily inspect process media for cloudiness, foam, and color. Good illumination is essential to verify that vessels have thoroughly drained, that nozzles are spraying uniformly, and that cleaning-in-place/sterilization-in-place procedures are working.”

This light uses a rare type of LED array, computerized control and an unusual power approach in order to attain exceptional light output and reliability. Compared to traditional halogen lights, LED lights transfer far less heat to a process and offer up to 50 times longer life, making them ideal for heat sensitive processes and for reducing labor costs. What’s more, because LEDs lack the fragile filaments found in incandescent lights, they resist impact and vibration.

Part of the Lumiglas® Series USL-AA, the LumiStar 2600 luminaire consumes less than 40W of power at full brightness, one tenth the energy versus halogens. It’s designed to operate on 24V DC power, but 110/220V AC operation is optionally available. The light can be turned on and off with a state-of-the-art capacitive touch switch, which can be operated while wearing gloves. An industry-standard 5-pin M12 connector for power and an optional external switch are provided.

Its cool-white (5500K color temperature) LEDs maximize visibility in stainless-steel vessels. Warm-white and neutral-white LEDs are also available upon request. The LumiStar 2600 is designed for cool operation with temperature-based current limiting and automatic dimming. An over-temperature shutdown function enhances workplace safety.

The stainless-steel washdown-rated luminaire is equipped with a total internal reflection (TIR) lens with a 23° beam angle, which is ideal for vessel illumination through a sight glass because it maximizes light output by keeping output loss to less than five percent.

The luminaire’s “smart” design allows facility managers to choose from four modes of operation: flashlight mode, timed mode, continuous mode, and an optional dimmer mode. Its unique technology makes possible continuous mode, which is not available with other lights in its class.

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SOURCE: L.J. Star Inc.