News | May 27, 2014

Kirk Key Expands Eagle Valve Interlock Series


Kirk Key has expanded its Eagle Valve Interlock Series across the mechanical and electromechanical series of Kirk Key interlocks. The trapped key interlocking system ensures that workers follow a pre-determined sequence of operation for activating valves in a wide range of industrial settings from power and manufacturing plants to petrochemical facilities. Eagle Valve Interlocks attach to the valve body without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

The new interlocking options integrate with Kirk’s current Heavy Duty mechanical and electromechanical trapped key interlock series to form a comprehensive safety scheme. With a robust oversized key that cannot be duplicated, the Eagle bolt interlocks enable safety interlocking processes to move smoothly across a range of equipment including valves, breakers, access doors and more.

The Eagles Series includes integral valve interlocks to fit nearly every type and size of quarter and multi-turn valves. The quarter-turn Eagle valve interlock attaches to any type of lever-operated valve, including ball, butterfly and plug valves. The multi-turn Eagle valve interlock attaches directly to valves including those that are gate, globe and gear-operated.

Eagle valve interlocks are fitted to the valve without requiring a system shut-down, and installation does not compromise or invalidate pressure tests of the host valve. All Eagle Valve Interlock series product offerings are manufactured entirely of 316 stainless steel with keyways protected by a gasketed dust cover. The Eagle Valve Interlock Series is built for long-term use in harsh, industrial environments.

SOURCE: Kirk Key