News | July 12, 2017

Infiniti Research Analyzes How Digitalization Is Improving The Chemicals Industry


Despite being one of the strongest performers in the global value chain, the chemicals industry is very hard to predict. For example, some of the big players in the market from only a decade ago, have completely lost their position in the market. The biggest challenge faced by the industry comes from its conventional way of reaching out to its client base, therefore, it has become crucial for chemical companies to incorporate research and development in their sales and marketing strategies.

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Infiniti Research offers numerous chemical industry market intelligence solutions. (Graphic: Busines ...

Infiniti Research offers numerous chemical industry market intelligence solutions. (Graphic: Business Wire)

In its latest analysis, Infiniti Research highlights some key areas how going digital can improve the chemicals industry.

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According to Infiniti’s chemical industry analysts, “The digital transformation of the chemicals industry is a process involving the adoption of mindsets, skills, and tools, which are driven by technology and touch every aspect of the business.” By going digital, chemical companies will gain better market access, improved growth prospects, offer better customer service and more.

Market Opportunities

The adoption of digitalization in the chemicals industry has opened avenues of growth in markets which were inaccessible till date. Digital marketing enables manufacturers to connect with new prospects and turn them into long-term clients. Starting from raw materials to end-consumers, digitization makes cross-functional integration of R&D, marketing, and the sales team quite easy. These changes now make it possible for organizations to make precise and effective decisions while having a clear-cut vision and direction.

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In addition to this analysis, Infiniti Research recently released their list of ‘top three strategies to boost the performance of the chemicals industry’. After a lackluster growth of 2% in 2016, major players in the chemicals industry have been struggling to bring profitable expansion to their businesses. Along with this strategy guide and Infiniti’s customized chemical industry market intelligence solutions, chemical company leaders and chemical manufacturers can tackle these concerns to achieve sustained growth.

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