HyperTrace Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis/Visualization Technology

Source: Fluent Inc.

HyperTrace Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis/Visualization Technology
Silicon Graphics/Cray Research and Fluent Inc. today announced a license agreement that will make HyperTrace computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis/visualization technology more broadly available to engineers in a wide range of industries,
Fluent a tool for enhanced visualization of results from FLUENT CFD software. Fluent used by engineers in a wide range of industries, including chemical process, automotive, aerospace, power generation, materials, electronics, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC). The software delivers valuable detailed insight to the desktop that was possible before only through physical testing. Using HyperTrace, you can perform more effective flow analysis and visualization, improving product yields and quality, while reducing costs. Fluent Inc.delivers vastly superior insight into any fluid flow, from mixing inside chemical reactors to aerodynamic flow around car bodies or aircraft wings.

Fluent by tracing thousands, even millions, of particles in a computed CFD flow field. By applying this tool to chemical reactors, for instance, you are better able to analyze the design of reactor equipment leading to improved product yield and quality. Fluent Inc.allows results to be displayed on any Web browser, enabling specialists to quickly deliver analyses to other sites, regardless of location or equipment.

By combining existing technology with new visualization capabilities, Fluent Inc.serves as a new analysis tool accessible to a broader range of decision-makers within a company.

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