Article | April 9, 2019

How To Shop Smart For A New ERP

Source: Aptean

By Jack Payne, Vice President, Product Management & Solutions Consulting, Aptean

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Managing growth is one of the greatest challenges facing manufacturers today. An ERP system has to both manage today’s business requirements, as well as be able to support the growth of the company.

Many organizations are using extensive software customization to extend a system beyond its intended usage, leading to workarounds, or temporary ways to move forward without actually solving the problem. These workarounds are typically outside the system of record, creating inefficiencies and resulting in a lack of transparent information across the enterprise. They often do not scale, inhibiting growth in their own right.

Workarounds mortgage the future to support the present. A recent Aptean study found that these temporary fixes not only make it difficult to make informed decisions, but also hinder technology and performance improvements.

Sound familiar? It may be time to start looking for a replacement ERP. As you consider whether or not it’s appropriate to upgrade your ERP, it’s critical to a take a fresh new look at your selection criteria to find a system that will fit your needs now and years from now.

Here are three critical factors that should be on your shortlist when replacing your ERP systems.