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09.25.19 -- How To Reliably Measure Gas Composition

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5 Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Process Data Analytics Solution
By Seeq Corporation

The data generation and collection strategies at the center of manufacturing processes have evolved dramatically, especially in recent years. Process manufacturers now collect and store huge volumes of data throughout their operations, both on and off premise, across multiple geographic locations, in an increasing number of separate data silos. In this paper, we propose five questions we believe every process manufacturing buyer should ask when evaluating a data analytics solution.

How To Reliably Measure Gas Composition
By MIDAC Corporation

The key to the success of titanium tetrachloride production is optimizing the fludized bed reaction by monitoring and controlling the ratio of certain gasses. If these gas ratios can be measured in real time, they can be controlled by varying the raw materials feed rate, bed composition, and other variables.

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Technical Brief: Mixing High Solids Formulations

Mixer selection for high solids formulations depends on viscosity rather than percent solids. Regardless of solids concentration, low-viscosity mixtures can be prepared in single-shaft rotor/stator mixers or high-speed dispersers.

How Michelin Used The OSIsoft PI System To Optimize Elastomer Production

At its plant in Bassens, France, Michelin manufactures the high-tech synthetic elastomers for its tires. In the past, Michelin’s engineers struggled to track equipment in real time, which is critical for reducing off-spec production and resource waste.

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