Case Study

Helping Prevent Water Issues In Gas Pipelines In The Bakken

Source: Pentair

The oil & gas industry has been rapidly developing in the Williston Basin Region, capitalizing on the rich resources in its Bakken Shale. Between 150 and 200 drilling rigs are in operation 24/7 as drilling companies work hard to complete wells on plots beforeleases expire. This pace is expected to continue for at least the next 25 years.

Initial extraction from wells in the Bakken Shale is predominantly oil, and over the course of the first year or two, oil production subsides, and gas flow generally increases. This gives rise to a huge effort to develop the pipeline infrastructure to support increasing gas production.

One company that is investing heavily in the region. They are the largest independent owner and operator of natural gas gathering and processing facilities in the Williston Basin. In addition to gathering and processing, the client has an extensive network of natural gas pipelines, connecting North American supply basins with major market and trading hubs.