News | June 11, 2014

GEO Specialty Chemicals Breaks Ground For New Polyaluminum Chloride Facility In Texas


Ambler, PA  /PRNewswire/ -- GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (GEO) broke ground yesterday on a new state of the art manufacturing facility, designed to produce polyaluminum chloride (PAC) products, to serve Texas municipalities in need of improved and cost-effective solutions in clean water practices. The facility will be located on the grounds of GEO's Deer Park, TX plant and operated by its Water Treatment Chemicals Division. 

CEO and President Kenneth A. Ghazey, said, "GEO is making this capital investment in Texas to deliver cost-effective specialty chemical products that help our customers there meet increasingly stringent regulatory standards."

To be completed in late 2014, the new plant is designed specifically to manufacture aluminum-based coagulants for water treatment solutions. It is being constructed on a 108-acre site that also manufactures GEO's Glycine product line. This Deer Park facility will be the second site in GEO's portfolio to make the new highly active PAC products; the other is located inChattanooga, TN. Currently, GEO owns and operates 15 water treatment centers throughout the southeast United States and has assisted thousands of municipal water treatment systems in North America.

"We are very experienced in customized water treatment solutions and looking forward to opening up the Texas water marketplace and to serving municipalities with superior water treatment products," said Scot Lang, GEO's Senior Vice President for the Water Treatment Chemicals Division. "By building this revolutionary manufacturing process, new highly active PAC products can improve coagulation for cleaner water. Results from jar tests, trials and full product implementation at sites located throughout Texas continue to be extremely promising."        

The proven benefits of polyaluminum chloride are reducing overall water treatment costs when compared to traditional alum, ferric and PAC programs, and effectively removing the water turbidity, color, heavy metals and trace organic compounds.  GEO's reputation as an industry leader in the specialized area of water treatment allows for better results in basin turbidity and top of filter values; TOC, DOC, SUVA, THM and HAA5 optimizations; coagulation to assist membrane operation and to limit fouling; and application of coagulants to minimize cost. 

SOURCE: GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc

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