Company Profile | January 1, 1996

flow switches, level transmitters, pump controls, leak detection, transducers, telemetry

flow switches, level transmitters, pump controls, leak detection, transducers, telemetry
Flowline is dedicated to providing customers with the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions for the measurement and control of liquid level. Our broad range of sensing technologies and modular product architecture provide complete application coverage with unparalleled user flexibility. Manufactured from advanced thermoplastics, Flowline products are specifically designed for harsh acid, caustic and chemical solutions. With leading edge performance, industrial reliability and hands-free maintenance, Flowline quality has been proven in over 250,000 installations worldwide.

Our patented sensing technologies include ultrasonic, alphasonic, RF capacitance, vibration, optic, buoyancy and thermal dispersion. Flowline sensors are available in general purpose, hazardous, non-contact and invasive configurations with a variety of relay controller and installation accessories. For easy selection, many products have been assembled into standard configurations which represent our most commonly applied packages. With hundreds of industrial process, municipal and OEM solutions, the Level Superstore is your source for level and flow automation.

Our sales engineers have years of hands on experience and are available to assist you in the selection and process integration of our equipment. Flowline products are sold worldwide through our distributor network and are applied in most liquid process industries including semiconductor, water, chemical, wastewater, mining, metal finishing, beverage, electronic, paper, textile, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical and environmental. Together, we stand dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the full satisfaction of our customers. For more information about our many products or services, please contact your local Flowline distributor.

  • Echotouch Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
  • Symprobe RF Capacitance Level Transmitter
  • Cricket Alphasonic Level Transmitter
  • Ricochet Alphasonic Level Transmitter

  • Tuning Fork Level Switch
  • Ultrasonic Level Switch
  • RF Capacitance Level Switch
  • Buoyancy Level Switch
  • Switch Pak Single-Point Level Switch System
  • Smart Trak Multi-Point Level Switch System

  • Thermo-Flo Liquid Flow Switch
  • Thermo-Flo Gas Flow Switch