Newsletter | January 6, 2005

1.6.05 -- Feature Article: "Y" Jet Mixer - No Baffles Required
Featured Article
"Y" Jet Mixer – No Baffles Required
Quadro's YTRON Jet Mixer uses a specially designed rotor/stator to deliver a pure axial jet flow, preventing vortices and unwanted air, as well as generating the efficient mixing that revolutionizes your process without the need for baffles in the vessel...

Top News Stories
Rentech Awarded 19th U.S. Patent Related To Its Gas-To-Liquids Process
Air Products And Chemicals Selects Lighthammer For Pipeline Operations
SAFC Breaks Ground On Madison, WI Expansion To Meet Demand For Highly Potent API Manufacturing Services
Featured Products
Roller Compactor – PowerPactor Series
PowerPactors for the Chemical and Bulk Industries. Custom designs available upon request...

DBE-LVP, has been tailored to meet both California's low vapor pressure - volatile organic compound (LVP-VOC) criteria and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) VOC exemption for consumer and institutional products...

eCup Handheld Viscometer
Handheld Viscometer from Biode is lithium battery powered and ergonomically designed for handheld applications...

75/360 Drum & Barrel Washer
The TURBODISC 75/360 Drum & Barrel Washer is a scientifically designed, self-operating device that provides an aggressive dense spray to thoroughly clean the interior surfaces of drums, barrels, small tanks and containers...

MiniScan® XE Plus Portable Color Measurement Instrument
Portable Color Measurement Instrument Delivers Advanced Features and Optimum Accuracy. MiniScan XE Plus travels to your product...

MFP SB and SK Series and WhirlJet SprayDry® Nozzles
Now you can extend production run time by reducing clogging in your spray drying applications. The core and cap design of these nozzles offers increased free passage without adversely impacting performance...

Featured Download
Brochure: Stainless Steel Vessels/Containers From Sharpsville Container Corporation/Spartanburg Stainless Products
Sharpsville Container Corporation established in 1860 and located in Western Pennsylvania is a full service provider for buyers of containers both metal, plastic and high pressure gas cylinders
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