Newsletter | January 13, 2005

1.13.05 -- Feature Article: Wiley Announces The Winners Of The 2005 Journal Of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics Prize
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Wiley Announces The Winners Of The 2005 Journal Of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics Prize
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., is proud to announce that the winners of the 2005 Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics Prize are Piotr Kujawa, Annie Audibert-Hayet, Joseph Selb, and Françoise Candau for their paper, "Rheological Properties of Multisticker Associative Polyelectrolytes in Semidilute Aqueous Solutions...

Ion Signature Technology Announces New Mass Spectrometry Software For Fast, Accurate Identification & Quantification Of Organic Compounds
Ion Signature Technology, Inc. (IST), developer of advanced technologies for analytical laboratories, has announced the release of IST for GC/MS, new mass spectrometry software designed for high throughput testing labs that work in the areas of environmental science, forensics, petrochemicals, and chemicals...

Spectral Dimensions Announces Successful Deployment Of A Chemical Imaging Solution For Visualizing Pharmaceutical Ingredient Blending
Spectral Dimensions is pleased to announce the deployment of its first Blend Monitor, a chemical imaging solution for completely assessing the degree of mixing of pharmaceutical ingredients as they are being processed in a scale-up or manufacturing class blender...

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Roller Compactor – Large Scale
Compaction of dry, powdery and fine crystalline materials with subsequent 2 stage size reduction into granulate product for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry...

ViscNet Control Hub For Viscosity Control
ViscNet integrates up to 8 ViSmart smart sensors into a single data hub. Up to 8 hour battery backup (load dependent)...

Rotor/Stator Mixer
Charles Ross & Son's PreMax rotor/stator mixer is available in a range of sizes for laboratory options development...

Circular Screen Separators
Eriez' range of models allows selection particular to specific and unique material application requirements...

NIC II Combustible & Toxic Gas Transmitters
NIC II "stand-alone" transmitters can operate in tough industrial environments without the need to connect to an external controller/receiver...

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Brochure: Drying Solutions
Niro specializes in industrial drying and agglomeration, and has long been the world leader in spray drying and fluid bed processing having supplied most of the industrial plants operating today...
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