Newsletter | January 11, 2005

1.11.05 -- Feature Article: Proteus Develops A New Highly Thermostable Biocatalyst For Processing Low-Solubility Chemicals
Top News Stories
Proteus Develops A New Highly Thermostable Biocatalyst For Processing Low-Solubility Chemicals
Thermo Electron Delivers Total Solutions FT-IR Package For QA/QC Laboratories
KNF Neuberger Expands Its German Manufacturing Plant
Featured Products
FloMax® Air Atomizing Nozzles
FloMax air atomizing nozzles use a patented three-stage atomization process to produce exceptionally small, consistent drops using less air than competitive nozzles...

Supercritical Fluid Reaction Systems
In the past other companies have and kept away from high pressure reactors with viewing capability. Thar actually designs and fabricates standard reactors for chemical reaction, high-pressure reaction chemistry, or process studies with supercritical fluids...

RETOX Dual Chamber Oxidizer Systems
The RETOX dual chamber RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) system provides a way for solvent-laden gas to be converted into CO2 and H2O vapor...

BUCK® TC Valve Total Containment
Based on the split valve technology of the well known and successfully introduced BUCK® HC (High Containment) Valve, the BUCK® TC (Total Containment) Valve has been developed for more advanced requirements...

550mm Series Chemical Containers
These stainless steel containers are both durable and reusable. Perfect for the transportation and storage of your chemicals the containers may be UN certified or ASME Code stamped to your requirements...

Cleanable Sealed Sightglass
The Clean-Sight Model CLN Cleanable Sealed Sightglass is for continuous observation of sealed systems where cleaning the inside face of a sight glass is necessary during operation...

Featured Download
Brochure: Magnet Load Monitor
Eriez' NEW Series FS Magnet Load Monitor patrols the magnetic field of suspended electromagnets for accumulation of ferrous contamination...
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