Newsletter | February 8, 2005

2.8.05 -- Feature Article: Mixer For Coating, Heating Or Cooling Applications
Featured Article
Mixer For Coating, Heating Or Cooling Applications
For fine layer coating of individual particles, the highly intensive continuous mixing action of the Hosokawa Turbulizer offers the ideal coating solution...

Top News Stories
Extreme HPLC System (X-LC) Offers Higher Pressure Than Previously Available
Enhancements To Thermo Electron's HiPerTOC Analyzer Overcome The Corrosive Effects Of High Salt Samples
TriCal Inc. And Niklor Chemical Company Announce Joint Venture For Chloropicrin Production
Featured Products
High Speed Disperser
Ross has been the leader in the mixing industry for over 150 years. The ROSS High Speed Disperser is built with all of the features and versatility required to produce a variety of products...

Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator
Concentrated, high-intensity permanent magnetic fields combine with the force of gravity and controlled feeding to concentrate feebly magnetic ores and minerals...

BUCK TC Valve Total Containment
Increasing demands for clean operations during handling of highly sensitive or potent powders require innovative and advanced solutions...

Chemical Feed Pump Flow Meters
Water and wastewater treatment processes such as coagulation, fluoridation, and disinfection involve aggressive chemicals that are typically conveyed using feed pumps that produce pulsatile flows...

ColorQuestXE Spectrophotometer
The ColorQuest XE is a high performance spectrophotometer at an economical price. It allows you to measure transparent, translucent and opaque liquids and solids for properties such as reflected color, opacity, brightness, strength, transmitted color, APHA and haze...

Dytek HMI
Hexamethyleneimine (HMI) is a clear, colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor...

Featured Download
Brochure: Tanks And Processors
Lee offers customized tanks and processors, known for their quality and workmanship, that can be customized for your application...
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