Newsletter | January 27, 2005

1.27.05 -- Feature Article: Innovative CIP Capabilities Available With The New CIP Mikro-ACM Air Classifying Mill
Featured Article
Innovative CIP Capabilities Available With The New CIP Mikro-ACM Air Classifying Mill
Developed from the world's leading air classifier mill, the new CIP Mikro-ACM air-classifying mill combines the traditional features of ultrafine grinding and classifying with innovative CIP (clean in place) capabilities...

Top News Stories
Ross Offers New Dual Shaft Mixer
Researchers Construct Tiny, Floating 'Eyeballs,' 'Billiard Balls' On Microchip
Dendritic NanoTechnologies, Dow And Starpharma Sign Major Three-Way Deal To Commercialize Nanotechnology
Featured Products
SuperPure Discovery SFC Systems
The SuperPure Discovery series of analytical systems for chromatography feature high throughput and resolution to produce faster separations that can meet demanding separation and fraction collection needs...

Volumatic Feeder Machines
Made up of a hopper, vibrator, feeder and controls. Assures accurate flow of dry bulk materials for weigh scales, packaging and bagging equipment, small batch operations and additive feedings...

On-Line Water Quality Monitors
Teledyne Isco offers a comprehensive selection of on-line analyzers for monitoring water and wastewater, including nitrate, phosphate, and ammonia as well as TOC, COD, and BOD organic load parameters...

FibreCrete - Epoxy NovolaK
FibreCrete - Epoxy NovolaK No. 218 is a fiber-reinforced, chemically-resistant, 100% solids, epoxy novolak lining system used to protect concrete and steel from chemical and physical abuse...

Dytek® Triphenylboron (TPB)
Triphenylboron (TPB) is a monofunctional Lewis acid that can form novel metal complexes that can be explored as homogeneous catalysts...

Cleaning-In-Place Of Spray Drying Plants
Sanitary design codes are the basis for the design of Niro powder plants containing liquid equipment such as evaporators, tanks, piping, feed preheaters and pumps (liquid or wet areas)...

Featured Download
Brochure: WakoPURE System
WakoPURE System is a proprietary protein synthesis & purification technology developed by Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. It is an in vitro protein synthesizing system "reconstituted" from translation factors expressed in E. coli...
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