Newsletter | February 3, 2005

2.3.05 -- Feature Article: Dual Action Mixing From Hosokawa's Cyclomix
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Featured Article
Dual Action Mixing From Hosokawa's Cyclomix
Unique dual mixing actions make the Hosokawa Cyclomix the machine of choice for customers in the chemical industries seeking intensive mixing of cohesive powders, pastes and slurries...

Top News Stories
Founder Of Isco To Receive 2005 Pittcon Heritage Award
Study Shows Nanoshells Ideal As Chemical Nanosensors
Ross Launches New Sanitary Mixers Website
Featured Products
The Rotocage Lumpbreaker is a versatile machine suitable for breaking up a variety of lumps, chunks, slabs, and agglomerates...

Flowback Nozzles
If you're maintaining a hydraulic gas conditioning system, our Flowback nozzles can help you improve performance. Easily interchangeable with competitive products, these nozzles provide superior performance by delivering a consistent drop size...

Moist Granulator – G1 Series
The G1 moist granulator series has a granulating cylinder with bores from 1.0 mm to 6 mm hole pattern...

ViSmart Viscosity Sensor
The ViSmart sensor with an industrial DB25 connector, employs a proprietary implementation of the serial peripheral interface (SPI) and is intended to allow 0.5 km data transmission over 8-pair cable...

Mini SA Single Gas Personal Monitor
Developed to provide practical, portable, continuous gas detection, the Mini-SA's super-compact, feather-light design conveniently clips on to a users belt or lapel...

Acidproof Concrete - Structural Grade
Sauereisen Acidproof Concrete No. 54 SG - Structural Grade is a potassium silicate castable refractory for chemical resistant construction of containment pads, trenches, walls and other structural support columns or bases...

Featured Download
Evaluation Sheet: Adwest RETOX RTO Systems
What do you want in your RTO Supplier? Adwest's high level of Retox RTO shop assembly and modular design provide rapid RTO installation in compact spaces...
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