Brochure | January 28, 2016

Endura Series Combustion Gas Analyzers

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Re-engineered and taken back to technical fundamentals, the Endura AZ Range saves you time, money and disruption. From rugged enclosure design, self-diagnostic electronics and auto calibration, to common component advantages combined with proven, innovatively applied technologies, the result delivers solutions that are easy to specify, install, configure, maintain and use.

An Endura AZ combustion gas analyser will provide a solution to just about every combustion gas oxygen analysis problem. Flexibility is in their DNA – with options including long life probes up to 4m in length with integral or remote electronics. These deliver stability and accuracy in hot, dusty, humid, corrosive and hazardous area applications, and then you can choose from industry standard flange configurations and extensive installation options.